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Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Mall Bandung (TSM) is the largest shopping mall in Bandung, Indonesia. The mall is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto, and has 5 floors in total. The mall’s tenants include a Metro Department Store, Gramedia, a movie theater TSM XXI, Trans Studio Bandung, Hero Supermarket, and many more. The mall is part of the CT Corp, owned by Chairul Tanjung. With the addition of a theme park Trans Studio Bandung and Trans Luxury Hotel, the Trans Studio complex has become a one-stop entertainment site for tourists. Trans Studio Mall Bandung also has a lot of photo spots which makes the shopping mall becomes more fun for teenagers and young adults. The main atrium of the shopping mall is decorated by hundreds of paper butterflies which make this spot is the most beautiful spot throughout the shopping mall. Other than for tourism, the shopping mall also family friendly with the existence of a movie theater TSM XXI and a theme park Trans Studio Bandung.

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