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Visiting Bandung for Weekend Getaway? Check Best Attractions Nearby to Visit

Seeking for wide variant of experiences during the end of the week? Perhaps Bandung can be the most suitable choice for your getaway. Well known for its exquisite atmosphere and sophisticated culture, Bandung is a pleasant destination that offers a lot of things.

Popular among tourists, especially in Java Island, Bandung has so many great attractions to discover, from outdoor nature, artistic shopping spots, to incredible cultural center. If you’re looking for the best choice to complete your itinerary, check out some best attractions nearby while you’re in this Indonesia’s top destination for better recommendation.

Treat Yourself with Luxury Shopping at Trans Studio Mall Bandung

One of the best things to do in Bandung is shopping. It’s really undeniable that this well-known city was named Paris van Java (Paris of Java) due to its similarity to Paris and European City and widely associated as the center of fashion trend in Indonesia.

When it comes to follow up-to-date fashion trend, Bandung is the right destination to roam. If you seek for high-end fashion items, Trans Studio Mall Bandung is the best attractions nearby as a luxury shopping destination in the city.

Have Fun in the Biggest Indoor Theme Park in Indonesia

Other attractions nearby you shouldn’t miss in Bandung is Trans Studio Bandung. As the biggest indoor theme park in Indonesia, Trans Studio Bandung offers thrilling and adrenaline rush rides to enjoy. Not to mention their amazing show performance, it’s something you shouldn’t willingly miss during your getaway.

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Have a Nice Escape to Tebing Keraton

An outdoor nature may also be the best attractions nearby to visit during your getaway in Bandung. Have a nice escape to Tebing Keraton (Keraton Cliff) and see the wonderful view of mountainous Lembang. Best tip: come and witness the sunrise and sunset, it’s worth every penny and time!

Take a Refreshing Walk in Babakan Siliwangi

If you’re just looking for simple outdoor attractions nearby the city center, Babakan Siliwangi can be your choice. Located in a 3.8 Hectare urban forest near Bandung Institute of Technology, this conservation area has architectural walking path juxtaposed with tropical tress and other floras. It’s such a pleasant place to roam during your peaceful morning!

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Watch an Impressive Performance of Saung Angklung Udjo

Do you seek for an impressive cultural exposure? One attractions nearby to experience the local culture is Saung Angklung Udo. This place is well-known for offering local cultural performance with traditional Sundanese musical instruments (Angklung). Besides watching performances, you can also find traditional handicrafts and instruments workshop at this place. This place is very suitable for the soul of artistic enthusiasts.

Have a Delicate Dining with a View Experience

Tasting delicious cuisine is such a nice experience, what if it’s combined with a mesmerizing landscape to view? The 18th Restaurant and Lounge might be the best attractions nearby for lovebirds who seek for more romance in the air. Enjoy the superb options of Food & Beverages, and speaking of taste, it’s very non-comparable.

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